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juggling without hand-eye co-ordination

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Have decided that I should be allowed to go for a run after hitting 1000 words every day. I might not always *want* to, but today is so gloriously sunny that I couldn't really help myself. Did the same as yesterday, but even slower. Still kept to the spirit of an out-and-back though.

lap1 - 2 miles @ 10'00 - HR 164
lap2 - 2 miles @ 9'23 - HR 181
TOTAL - 4 miles - 38'45

average HR: 172
max HR: 186
376kcal - T.E 5

p.s. Saw Csaba Lazslo heading out for a run as I was coming back. Didn't say anything to him, but wished I had now!


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Wanted to do something to make up for the fact that I am not running in the Hawick 10k today like I had hoped. I didn't really want to push my ankle too much too soon either, so that ruled out anything on uneven terrain, so I settled on the usual 4 mile out-and-back along the canal. Gorgeous evening for it too - I needed my sunglasses for a change! Ankle held up well - a slight itchy/burny sensation for some of the first mile, but nothing after that. Now that I am home I notice it's slightly swollen, but I can't remember what it looked like before the run so I can't tell if it's a reaction or not.

lap1: 2miles @ 9'30 - HR 170
lap2: 2miles @ 9'02 - HR 181
TOTAL: 4miles - 37'05

*recovery til HR 140 b/w laps*

average HR - 175
peak HR - 187
370kcal -T.E 5.0


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